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Friday, 4 November 2011

I like it! What is it? Developing Ideas...

I'm finally on the move and developing my ideas for my I like it! What is it? furnishing fabric collection. I've decided on an a luxurious colour palette of purples, golds, rich navy's, teal and chalky black. I want my collection to scream sophistication but also show a quirky and unusual edge through my unique and detailed sketches.

Here are three of my final six painted out designs. Using this purple emulsion as my starting point i have created a strong collection of layouts reflecting my theme.

After painting out my designs i was eager to get into the print room and start dying some fabrics. I wanted to experiment with all colours as well as my own colour palette, and i also wanted to try new and interesting textures to help create a really in depth print.

Here is a technique which i created to get a marble effect on my fabric. This fabric has been dyed using only one colour but gives the impression that 3 or 4 have been used because of the dying technique.

Its lovely to see all your fabrics lined up next to each other once they have been dyed, and it allows you to see which colours work well and which colours dont.

More beautiful colours on beautiful spun silks and cottons.

Printing!! I cant believe how much ive missed printing, although it is stressful when your on the print table and nothing seems to be going right, but persistance is key and i can honestly say that i am pleased with my first few prints and i am excited to get back in there and print some more.

4 colour way print red owl

5 colour way print blue bull

5 colour way vivid violet owl

3 colour way envy green bull

5 colour way purple flowers

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