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Thursday, 29 September 2011

I Like It. What Is It?

I like it. What is it? is the new title for my minor project. I was struggling to explain my concept but now i have a new title i can easily describe what it is i am trying to do.

By combining animals, florals and other elements, i am going to create a collection of furnishing fabrics that make you question the content but not the quality. I am going to use a luxurious colour palette of golds, purples and teal.

Friday, 2 September 2011

You like Banana's? Work Placement with the amazing Kate Usher =]

Kate's Desk at The Shed in Gateshead. This is where the magic happened!
Here are two of Kate's wallpaper designs. All her wallpapers feature her own hand drawn imagery, and she develops her ideas further using photoshop and illustrator. I particularly enjoyed trying to think of names for her new wallpapers, although my You Eat Banana's? idea didn't go down too well!

These are just a few of the drawings i did whilst i was there. I drew imagery such as wild flowers, tropical fish and also drew for a brief based on Air Travel.

Being at Kate Usher has been such an amazing experience, and i have really enjoyed working and getting to know Kate. She has taught me a lot of valuable lessons on getting into the design industry, and has also gave me some brilliant contacts. I hope to keep in touch with Kate and if you would like to see any more of her beautiful wallpaper designs go to as her new website is now up and running =]