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Saturday, 28 January 2012

My Major Project....

Its the end of an era and now that my final major  project is in full swing, i'm rather sad that it will be my last project at CCAD, before i go off into the big wide world and get a job! Very scary!

I'm pulling out all the stops to try and make this project the best I've ever done, and i'm really enjoying the beginning drawing stages of my project. 

Here is my lovely colourful bay, not usually this tidy, displaying all of my research for my tropical floral design concept.

Here is my colour board, i cant wait to get into the dye lab and start mixing all of these beautiful colours in my prints!

Here is my market research board, i love the large leaf print and will definitely be using this design as inspiration. 

These are my photographs which i have taken at the Winter Gardens in Sunderland and the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham. 

I have been using collage to combine my drawing sheets onto larger A1 sheets, to help inspire my development and my layouts. 

I  began drawing and sketching  just before Christmas, and have continued over the last few weeks to try and get a good collection of drawings to take through to development. 

I will soon be moving onto the development stages of my project, so watch this space! =] 

Monday, 23 January 2012

Oliver Bonas ...

I found this really unusual chip and sauce set in a magazine from Oliver Bonas So i decided to look on the website and found loads more beautiful items such as little frames, coat hooks and glassware, all sorts of beautiful things. Here are a few of my favourites =] 

The Botanical Gardens Birmingham...

I took a trip to the beautiful Botanical Gardens in Birmingham. I took some photographs to draw from for my Major Project but unfortunately i had to take them on disposable cameras because i forgot my camera! So until I scan in my photographs (like back in the olden days) here are some images taken from their website.