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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Dream Jobs....


 I have started looking for work placements for when i leave uni in June and couldn't help but put together a collection of images showing some of my favourite furnishing designers. 
This collection is taken from Zara Home. I particularly like the pink floral cushions. They have a lovely hand painted quality. The tea cups are also gorgeous yet so simple. 

I really love Laura Ashleys furnishing fabrics, even the more simple designs work really well because of the good quality of the drawings and the good palette of colour.

Here we have some beautiful collections from Monsoon Home. The layers and layers of colour in their designs create beautiful patterns and each inch of their work is considered to the very last flower. Their tableware is also very chic and sophisticated. Monsoon is by far one of my favourite companies.



 This type of vintage design is not usually my style. But you do have to appreciate how beautifully painted the florals are in these fabrics from Mulberry Home.
Their collections beam quality and style, and despite not being something i could create, i still love it.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Personal Stationary Collection


I've started putting together my personal stationary collection inspired by my current project Club Tropicana.
Here is my first business card design, my CV watermark and my letterhead.

They are beginning to work well and come together as a collection. I am now looking forward finishing my promotional pack and seeing the finished product.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Stationary ...

I have been busy looking at some beautiful examples of stationary before i start designing my very own collection of business cards, letterheads and invoice slips. 
There are some really beautiful designs out there and it just goes to show that you can use lots of different images and designs to make a successful collection. The more personal the better!

Adding bows and other attachments really make your collection look more interesting and considered. 

Even just using one or two colours can make your collection look very professional and sophisticated. 

You can choose a simple design, with one image, as this  can work just as effectively as using  multiple images. 

Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Textiles & Surface Design blog is now up and running, counting down the days to our exciting degree show on June 7th 2012!
There you can read up on all the exciting things we are up too, and find out more about our chosen specialisms.
Here is the link, please have a look!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

California Cards & Jubilee Tote Bags ....

My greetings cards are final finished!! 
Printed in pastel pinks and greens, and finished off with fine glitter.

My lovely fresh colour palette, mixed up into printing pastes.

My first card!

My collection quickly built up!

I decided to create matching envelopes for the cards before packing them in clear cellophane pockets. 

My Final 10 to get me started.

I have also completed my Queens Jubilee Tote bags!
Printed in red, royal, blue and black.

Even Maxi is getting excited!