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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

1950's Design

Hi there, today I've been looking at 1950's design to help inspire my drawing sets. I really love the old radios, televisions and other electrical equipment. As well as the beautiful soft furnishings such as curtains, cushions and bed linen. The 50's were so elegant, classy, and proper. The latest technology was used to create unique and innovative designs. A mixture of colours and medias were used, different patterns and styles.
I love trying to add a little of the 50's in all my work, i cant get enough of the unusual designs. There fabulous!!

Monday, 26 October 2009

LoveLeigh's First Post

Hello Everyone!
My name is Leigh Spencer, and this is my first blog!!! I'm currently studying a degree in Textiles and Surface Design at CCAD. I'm only a month or so into my course and i am enjoying learning new skills, techniques and learning how to develop my ideas. My favourite area of textile design is Batik, i haven't yet used it in my course, but i am looking forward to getting back into it, and using my new ideas to help inspire me. I believe my strengths are my ability to observe something and create a unique and beautiful piece of work from it. I particularly love 1950's clothing and advertising. i think the whole perfect housewife image is fabulous and i love to draw inspiration from that.
In the future i would love to obtain a 1st in my degree, which will hopefully lead my on my way to become a Freelance Surface Designer and also open my own Antique Furniture Shop.
My own personal dream is to build my own home in the middle of nowhere surrounded by countryside and sheep.....that would be perfection!!!!